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Round 6 of the 2019 Traction Tyres/Yokohama Drivers' Championship | Sandown

9 Sep 2019 3:59 PM | Anonymous

Since joining the club I have driven Sandown a few times, and after each time making an idiot of myself feel I must control the “red mist” enough to drive the lines one is supposed to follow intelligently (lol) without defying the laws of physics trying to get wonderful lap times.

This time I was determined to go slow and steady following the correct corner lines and then get enough knowledge to let the car off the leash a bit for some quick lap times.

Getting ready for Sunday at Sandown and downloaded the various forms to printout and noticed that the BMWDCM had as many entries as the event organizers, the Alfa Romeo Owners Club.

Then it became apparent the reason was a group, mostly Southern BM supporters, have joined BMWDCM.  This group of passionate BM owners pour a lot of money into their late model performance cars to make many of them world class in kit and a pleasure to see.

I then noticed with trepidation that these M4 Competitions et al were in the same group as some of our club E30s (including mine) and the speed differential was going to be crazy.

Anyway, I figured the strategy would be to stay over on the side of the track and let them whizz by safely, and besides Graeme wouldn’t let anything too crazy be run.

The slow and steady bit went ok for me.

Then came the rain and luckily Graeme had prompted me to get new Yokohama A050 tyres for the event as the old ones are bald.  With a very wet track and good tyres it was stick to the correct lines going safely and steadily, but it was very satisfying as I felt I did that part really well and didn’t let the red mist even get close to my brain bucket.

As always getting together as a club is really good and speaking of which it was an unexpected pleasure to see Daryl O’Neill there with a new track car.  Again Graeme, Jo and Chris and the supporting members make these events so good and thanks to all of you for making the day a special experience.

With more coaching from Graeme and Chris and more practice I hope to soon have the skills to let this great little E30 off the leash!

Rod Martin |  Member #29
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